Why do a majority of Americans reject Trade Promotion Authority for TPP?

Since 2010, the United States has been negotiating a secret trade deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership. According to a recent survey issued by Communications Workers of America, it reveals that 62 percent of respondents opposed giving President Obama Trade Promotion Authority to deal with TPP issues.


source: WikiLeaks releases Environment Chapter of TPP negotiations

TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is aimed to create a free trade zone in the Pacific area with negotiations of current 12 TPP participants, including several potential countries. Due to the strong influence of TPP, it is critical to block the granting of this sweeping power for President Obama.

Many of Americans have a concern that once President Obama obtains the fast tracking power, Congress could only take an up-or down vote on agreement in trade region and could not make any change or amendments in the agreement. It seems that only President Obama is the only person who can make any decision for TPP.

TPP gives the President Obama a great chance to exercise more leadership power in Pacific regions. However, it seems that myriad information does not properly be disclosed, gradually having the region move toward the Chinese mercantilist model.

Portions of the TPP draft agreement published in November 2013 contained sketches of President Obama’s plans to surrender American sovereignty to international tribunals. Additionally, another disclosure published in January 2014 revealed that President Obama was attempting to surrender sovereignty over US environment policy to international bureaucrats.

There ahs another concern that if TPP were to be approved, most of the benefit would firstly go to the rich and corporations. For example, while the TPP grants corporate giants the power to bypass Congress and the courts, the elected representatives of American people are prevented from seeing the draft version of the agreement.

Recently, another key problem with TPP has been revealed: under TPP people might getting more confused in the definition of domestic products. Australia, for example, can import most of materials from China, combine them together and export to the US these products, which would be listed as a domestic product made in Australia but in fact most of the content came from China.

TPP might be President Obama’s fascination with intertwining the economic welfare of the US with that of China, which is perhaps one reason for some commentators to criticize. It is urgent for President Obama to reveal more TPP-related information with more transparent procedures to continue the path to free trade.






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